Pet Shop Boys - The Further Listenings Mix Excursion (2010)

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Pet Shop Boys - The Further Listenings Mix Excursion (2010)

Категория: Сборник
Название диска Pet Shop Boys - The Further Listenings Mix Excursion
Жанр: Pop,90s Style, Dance, Megamix
Год выхода альбома 2010
Количество треков 101
Формат|Качество: MP3 320 Kbps
Время звучания 02:40:53
Размер файла 374.64 Mb



[01] The Singles Dub Intro
[02] All Over The World (This Is A Dub Mix)
[03] Se A Vida Й (That's The Way Life Is) (Pink Noise Mix)
[04] Numb (Acapella Mix)
[05] I Get Along (Release Mix)
[06] How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (Extended Mix)
[07] Jealousy (Extended Mix)
[08] Liberation (Deep Vocal Mix)
[09] Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)
[10] Love Comes Quickly (Dance Mix)
[11] West End Girls (Disco Mix)
[12] D.J. Culture (Extended Mix)
[13] Can You Forgive Her? (MK Mix)
[14] What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Disco Mix)
[15] Wokale: Dusty Springfield
[16] Heart (Disco Mix)
[17] Opportunities (Dance Mix)
[18] Being Boring (Extended Mix)
[19] London (Berlin Mix)
[20] So Hard (Extended Dance Mix)
[21] You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (Brother Brown's Newt Mix)
[22] Flamboyant (Tomcraft Extended Mix)
[23] Before (Classic Paradise Mix)
[24] It's Alright (Extended Dance Mix)
[25] I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (Extension Mix)
[26] Miracles (Eric Prydz Mix)
[27] Go West (Extended Dance Mix)
[28] Paninaro '95 (Extended Mix)
[29] I'm With Stupid (Maxi Mix)
[30] Suburbia (Full Horror Mix)
[31] Integral (Perfect Immaculate Mix)
[32] Was It Worth It? (Extended Mix)
[33] A Red Letter Day (Extended Mix)
[34] It's A Sin (Disco Mix)
[35] Always On My Mind (Extended Dance Mix)
[36] One More Chance (Actually Mix)
[37] Left To My Own Devices (Disco Mix)
[38] Where The Streets Have No Name (Extended Mix)
[39] I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Extended Nude Mix)
[40] Beautiful People (Vinny Vero Club Mix)
[41] Love Etc. (Pet Shop Boys Mix)
[42] Did You See Me Coming? (Possibly More Mix)
[43] To Step Aside (Brutal Bill Mix)
[44] Minimal (M Factor Mix)
[45] New York City Boy (Almighty Mix)
[46] Home And Dry (Blank & Jones Mix)
[47] Single-Bilingual (Baby Doc Mix)
[48] Yesterday When I Was Mad (Coconut Mix)
[49] Rent (Extended Mix)
[50] Somewhere (Extended Mix)
[51] The Singles Dub Outro


[01] The Further Listening Dub Intro
[02] This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (Extended Mix)
[03] Violence (Hacienda Mix)
[04] Closer To Heaven (Slow Mix)
[05] We All Feel Better In The Dark (After Hours Climax Mix)
[06] I Want A Dog (Introspective mix)
[07] I'm Not Scared (Instrospective Mix)
[08] You Know Where You Went Wrong (Rough Mix)
[09] Was That What It Was (Extended Mix)
[10] Why Don't We Live Together (New York Mix)
[11] Losing My Mind (Disco Mix)
[12] I Want To Wake Up (Breakdown Mix)
[13] A Man Could Get Arrested (Extended Mix)
[14] In The Night (Extended Mix)
[15] West End - Sunglasses (Special Mix)
[16] Paninaro (Italian Mix)
[17] Don Juan (Disco Mix)
[18] Miserablism (Electro Mix)
[19] Music For Boys (Ambient Mix)
[20] I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) (Full Length Mix)
[21] The Boy Who Couldn't Get His Clothes On (International Club Mix)
[22] Here (Extended Mix)
[23] Shopping (Actually Mix)
[24] Saturday Night Forever (Love To Infinity Mix)
[25] Gin And Jag (Frisky Mix)
[26] My Girl (Our House Mix)
[27] Fugitive (Extended Mix)
[28] The Way It Used To Be (Richard X Mix)
[29] More Than A Dream (Magical Mix)
[30] Pandemonium (Stars & Sun Mix)
[31] Shameless (Alternative Mix)
[32] Too Many People (Alternative Mix)
[33] It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas (New Mix)
[34] Somebody Else's Business (Extended Mix)
[35] Up And Down (Tom Stephen Vocal Mix)
[36] The Former Enfant Terrible (Bring It On Mix)
[37] Young Offender (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix)
[38] Vulnerable (Public Eye Mix)
[39] Sexy Northener (Superchumbo Mix)
[40] In Privat (Stuart Crichton Club Mix)
[41] Screaming (Soundtrack Mix)
[42] Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man) (Almighty Mix)
[43] Psychological (Ewan Pearson Vocal Mix)
[44] For Your Own Good (Nightlife Mix)
[45] Discoteca (Baby Doc Mix)
[46] That's My Impression (Disco Mix)
[47] The Resurrectionist (Extended Mix)
[48] Positive Role Model (Almighty Mix)
[49] Viva La Vida (Domino Dancing Mix)
[50] The Further Listening Dub Outro

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