Norton AntiVirus 2012 Final

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Norton AntiVirus 2012 Final

Norton ™ AntiVirus 2012 - Защищает компьютер от вирусов, программ-шпионов и другого вредоносного ПО с супер производительностью. Быстрый многофункциональный антивирус и антишпион делает больше, чем обнаружение и удаление вирусов и шпионских программ.

Norton ™ AntiVirus 2012 - Antivirus, which provides a powerful and quick basic protection against viruses and spyware. The new version is even faster and more reliable.With Norton AntiVirus users with effective tools available for on-demand antivirus scanning, powerful protection in real time, as well as many other support functions for computer security and information.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 - a powerful and fast set of tools to protect against widespread virus threats. Norton Anti-Virus is the fastest, proactive protection from viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware, rootkits. This version has superior performance, improved security and features to help keep your computer's performance.

The main components of Norton AntiVirus 2012
Norton Reputation Service
Heuristic Protection, SONAR 3
Pulse Updates
Scheme and network monitoring
Protection against bots
Norton Protection System
Norton Bootable Recovery Tool
Norton Insight
Norton System Insight
Norton Download Insight
Norton File Insight
Means to address vulnerabilities

Key technologies Norton AntiVirus 2012
Network Monitoring
Protection against Internet-borne worms
Web browser protection
Protection against rootkits

Main features of Norton AntiVirus 2012
Norton Protection System - provides a powerful 4 unique level of protection to proactively blocking Internet threats before they can infect your computer.
Insight - checks the source file and the time of their existence on the internet to stop the new online threats before they give you trouble.
Download Insight 2.0 - protects against dangerous applications, warning before downloading the program, that it may harm your computer system.
Norton Management - Product Management Norton AntiVirus 2012, based on a cloud, so that you can download, install, update and extend the anti-virus, in any place where there is Internet access.
Protection against network threats - threats to detect when they appear in the network and eliminates them before they harm your computer.
Web browser protection - protects, checking and blocking online threats, downloadable web browser to stop Internet threats before they bring harm.
Heuristic Protection, SONAR 4 - Antivirus Norton AntiVirus 2012 continuously monitors your computer for suspicious behavior to quickly and accurately identify and eliminate new threats.
Protection from vulnerability - stops intruders attempt to use security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications.
Bandwidth Management - restricts non-critical updates Norton, when you are connected to a 3G network in order to reduce the fee for using the mobile network.
Pulse updates - updates your protection every 5 -15 minutes - without distracting you - providing the most current protection against the latest threats.

Год выпуска: 2012
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык: English
Лечение: имеется
Размер файла: 115,67 Мб

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