CodeLobster- PHP Edition Professional. 4.2.1. Ml/Rus

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CodeLobster- PHP Edition Professional. 4.2.1. Ml/Rus

CodeLobster PHP Edition - e c pa ap , HTML, CSS, javascript o co ce aep HTML ao FireBug'. p paop e pa o c e oe ee Drupal, Joomla, Smarty, WordPress, jQuery, CodeIgniter, CakePhp, Facebook, Symfony MySQL.
o CMS Joomla oe c o (y, a ooe) po opx oa . e o paa a ao Joomla. ooc c o oo ocp ao o, a o yo. a Joomla pe ay Joomla 1.5 1.6. c e o py ya CMS e eoop Joomla. paa c c c papo PHP , ooa ee oooa ap, e oa, ca , aoae y, aoe ep cco ooe yoe. o oy e o ec pa.

Codelobster PHP Edition:
- HTML: oa , aa o pao a, oea apx , cpe ee ap o, x e, aec o cay .
- : oo ep, o oa, , oe aea ooa , oaoe , coo ee ao.
- Drupal: aea aa, o, e a, ao, o o p , a o .
- Joomla: aaoee, y .
- Smarty: o, oae, y o ccy.
- WordPress: aoaoe, o .
- jQuery: aao, ca aec .
- CodeIgniter: a, oec aea .
- CakePhp: oae, oca ca .
- Facebook: aoao, oea aca .
- MySQL: aoa, oec aea .
- Symfony: oo, o aea pa.
- Yii: oae, oc ec .

peo, CMS e:
a CodeIgniter
a JQuery

What is new in version 4.2.1
Bugs fixed:
Crash while editing mixed PHP+HTML code

New version has the following new abilities:
Notepad++ color scheme
Auto-highlighting for selected words
Autodetect for Vertrigo and Denwer webservers
New "Color Picker" dialog
Ctrl "+" and Ctrl "-" hotkeys for font size changing
Speed up for pairs highlighting
Color picker for color auto-completion
Auto-completion for special chars
Different background color for HTML and PHP code
Bugs fixed:
Incorrect behaviour for "Find All" and "Select All"
Rare crash while changing parsing mode

| e. o: cyy
eoa a: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7.
c: Multilanguage / y
a: 17.77 MB

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