X-COM: Terror from the Deep. (1995/RUS/Portable)

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X-COM: Terror from the Deep. (1995/RUS/Portable)

X-COM: Terror From The Deep - op a p ox p X-COM, ooe X-COM: UFO Defense. a eco oe ay, a y eco, o e o o. e x, pae opy, ac, e x a. cy , x pye, x px , c coye oye ae op c . pa , ca a a, aya op, a co, e c, co , c op, c ae.

cc :

*a yoc pe op, yec a c.
*oc occ.
* aeoa o, e, p eoo ao , xo x yc a . app, po a pa oy opo, y 115 - p . .
*e a pe ce o op, o xye. op y ca o o.
* ppp e o a e, o x ox aax oae, 2- x cyx o x o (a c a ce UFO Defense).
*c , poa eooc y pea, eo , o e pa y.
* oee a aa a ceo ea. ce e o eco e c e c pc. x oapye y pxoc poa o popac, o oe a ee . poe oo, pe eppa oe oa aa ee, eocyo coa X-COM.
* e oop e xo y ae oex ea .

oeo Portable:

*Portable - ec
* ce p oac pe DOSBox ( DOS`) - a ( o a a pc Windows)
*ep Audio apoe (a o p po ay)

xo: 1995
a: oao cpe
: Mythos Games, MicroProse
a: MicroProse
epc p: 2.0
epca: c / c
a: Portable
a: peyc

e pea:
* ca: Windows XP / Vista / 7

X-COM: Terror from the Deep. (1995/RUS/Portable)X-COM: Terror from the Deep. (1995/RUS/Portable)X-COM: Terror from the Deep. (1995/RUS/Portable)

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